Eco Friendly

We are working hard to make our accommodations (and farm) as eco friendly as possible and we are already well on our way!

Our farm is supplied by Octopus Energy – who supplies us (and all its other customers) with 100% green electricity.

We are very lucky to have our own water supply coming from a natural spring on the hill. This spring supplies our entire farm so we do encourage responsible water use, especially during the summer months.

There is no gas supply to the farm.

In 2007 Hugh installed a biomass boiler in the main barn. The boiler is run on solid wood fuel which we harvest ourselves from our own larch woodland on the hill. It is as local and home grown as you can get!

In the barn cottage and oak hut, for extra cosy comfort, we have small wood burners. The logs supplied come from our own woodlands and the fire lighters provided are eco lighters made from timber shavings, natural resin and wax. We find them to be an effective eco alternative to the classic white paraffin tablets.

Wales has the highest recycling rate in the UK (at 62.8%) and we make a huge effort on the farm to recycle as much as we absolutely can. In fact we have a whole room dedicated to it! We can recycle almost anything as long as it’s not contaminated – if it’s not collected by our local county council (like film packaging) then we collect it ourselves and take it to our local recycling centre – yup, we’re that committed!

Cleaning products
We are currently reviewing our cleaning product use – the intention is to be using only ecologically sound, septic tank safe products.

Reducing plastic waste
We sat down and worked out how many single use plastic bottles we got through last year and it was a scary number (in the 100s)! Washing up liquid, hand wash, body wash and cleaning products – it all added up. Of course we recycled them but we know it would be better to get the number down to 10s. As a result we now purchase all our of our products in bulk, so that we can wash and refill just a few bottles with no need to purchase and bin any more! Its not perfect, but it’s progress!

Furthering our commitment to reducing plastic use we are also seeking alternatives to the plastic sponges and cloths we provide in the self-catering kitchens. These items cannot be reused or recycled and have to be thrown away after each guest. Considering we welcome 1 night stays, the number of sponges and cloths we get through can be enormous.

Toilet paper
New for 2020 we have started using Who Gives a Crap. An awesome company who not only make 100% recycled toilet paper with zero plastic packaging but they also donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Tree planting
Over 2018 and 2019 we planted 6,500 native trees on the farm! Why? Because we love our farm and wanted to give something back – combating climate change, improving water management and maintaining and enhancing biodiversity. This Herculean effort was made possible through the Glastir Woodland Creation Scheme administered by the Welsh Government.