We are Dog Friendly!


Dogs (and other animals!) are all very welcome in any of our accommodations at Gilfach and we hope they enjoy our farm as much as you do. 

Facilities available for your four legged companions;

  • We have a wash stand outside the horse barn where you can wash down your dog(s) after a muddy walk
  • Dog towels are available in the main barn next to the boot racks
  • You and your dog(s) are welcome to explore the whole of the farm (just be mindful of the livestock)
  • There is a stream at the bottom of the farm that dogs particularly like playing in!

Very im-paw-tant;

  • Please ask your dog not to sleep on beds for people or sofas!
  • Do not let your dog roam the yard unattended. For your own safety and for the welfare of the animals (and other guests) please keep your dog on a lead
  • Everyone knows how unpleasant dog mess is and it can cause infections, so please clean up after your dog – baged mess can be deposited in the large green wheelie bin in the recycling room (right of the door)

Resident Dogs

Hugh has a chocolate labrador called Oscar, he is very friendly and he really loves our guests! For his own health and happiness;

  • Please don’t feed him – we have to watch his weight carefully – however the occasional treat is much appreciated by him
  • Please don’t keep him in overnight – he has a dog flap in the farm house door so he can always get back in and we miss him
  • He loves to go on walks around the farm and will like to accompany you – but please don’t take him onto the road
  • If you find his attention unwelcome – please let us know and we will ensure he does not bother you

Frequent visitors to the farm is Amanda’s black cocker spaniel – Poppy. There is also a red setter – Rosa, a flatcoat retriever – Bentham and a little collie cross – Hagel.