Pets Welcome

Dogs (and other animals!) are all very welcome at Gilfach.

The resident farm dog is Oscar. Oscar is nine years old and a very friendly dog!

Please don’t feed him – I have to watch his weight carefully – however the occasional treat is much appreciated by him.

Please don’t keep him in overnight. He has a dog flap in the house so he can always get back in.

He loves to go on walks around the farm and will like to accompany you – but please don’t take him onto the road.

If you find his attention unwelcome – please let me know and I will ensure he does not bother you.

Frequent visitors to the farm are my daughter’s cocker spaniel – Poppy. Also a red setter, Rosa, a flatcoat retriever – Bentham and a little collie cross – Hagel.

Your dog is welcome to exercise anywhere on the farm, Gilfach only has horses and cows – they are used to dogs. My neighbours are sheep farmers, so the usual concerns, specially at lambing time apply.

You are welcome to use the hose at the horse barn or on the house to wash your dog. If you need towels for your dog, please ask. I can also provide feeding bowls and beds.

Please ask your dog not to sleep on beds for people or sofas!