Mountain eBike Hire

eBike hire is a new venture for this year (2019) – so the bikes are brand new.

Gilfach Farm sits in a valley, surrounded by the majestic hills and mountains of the Brecon Beacons.  Whilst in an ideal location for getting out and about, if you are not a seasoned cyclist, cycling from the Gilfach can prove something of an uphill struggle!

For those who would like to make the most of the outdoors without having to be super fit, you can try a mountain eBike.  They are ideal for country roads and forest trails/dirt tracks.

eBikes operate by reducing the effort in peddling.  The power assist only contributes when the rider pushes on the pedals.  You can choose how much assistance you need.  The more assistance given, the quicker the battery will drain.  One novice rider observed that: “I’s like being pushed along by my Dad when I was six”.

Suggested routes and maps provided.  Helmets are provided.  Minimum age 14 years.

  • 2 hours £10 per bike
  • 3 hours £30
  • 4 hours £45
  • 7 hours £59

Battery Life – average battery life will be dependent on the mode used.  Hirers will need to be aware of and manage the battery life of the bike.  However, you can expect to travel for at least 20 miles.

eBike Specifications – hardtail mountain ebikes, from Cube and KTM.  With a Bosch 500-watt battery and the latest powerful CX250 watt motor. 

Please note hire is at your own risk.  Personal Accident Insurance is not included.